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Today begins our three week semester break! We started celebrating in style last night with a hi so (a cute Thai nickname for “high society) evening of drinks at the Banyan Tree’s Vertigo, dubbed the highest open-air bar in southeast Asia, and dinner at the Suan Lum night bazaar.

We arrived just after five, in time to see the cloudy gray skies over the city:

Gray Skies

Got to watch the beautiful sunset, while enjoying our drinks:


Ben and Chrissy

Enjoyed seeing the evening lights slowly brighten:


And eventually headed back down to the city for some tasty Thai food:

City Lights

Along with our lovely friends:


The perfect way to start a holiday break, if you ask me!

What are you doing this holiday season?


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Last week one of our new friends here in Bangkok turned 30 and we celebrated in style at the highest open-air bar in Asia, Vertigo at the Banyan Tree. Talk about an amazing view! Check these out:

View from Above

Look at how tiny the city looks compared to the people on the observation deck! We were on the 61st floor of the building. You can take the elevator up 59 floors and then you walk up the final two yourself.

Bangkok by Night

This was one of those times when I really wished I had a tripod. Thankfully there was a nice little balcony railing for me to rest my camera on, but still not quite as good as a tripod…

I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the beautiful decor of the bar – it was almost like being at a wedding – beautiful white, silk table clothes (at least I think they were silk) and chair covers, fresh flowers and candles every where, and three levels of balconies – all entirely outside. Not only was the view spectacular, but the air was nice and fresh, with a great evening breeze.

Next time you’re in town, make sure you head over to Vertigo for an unforgettable evening – they won’t let you in unless you’re “appropriately dressed” though, so no open sandals for the ladies and no shorts for the men!

What’s your favorite spot for a spectacular view of your city?

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