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Delivery 2.0

Apologies for those of you that don’t follow the wonderful world of web 2.0 (and the annoying habit of all those who do terming everything new and better “2.0” – let this be your first experience), but I have discovered something amazing. Something spectacular. Something that may cause me never to leave my lovely new apartment again.

A little something called Food by Phone.

And it rocks.

First of all, I get a little over excited about delivery service for any restaurant since I grew up in a town of about 8,000 with no potential of delivery, ever. Once I got to university and experienced the true joy of having food delivered to your door, I discovered the double-edged sword of having to talk to the delivery people on the phone to place your order – which got significantly worse when we moved to Germany and had to do the ordering in German (and lets not even get started trying to analyze the conversational disasters that we’ve already experienced trying to talk to anyone on the phone here in Thailand).

Well, as could be expected, the concept of delivery service is perfected in Bangkok. Food by Phone allows you to order from over 100 Bangkok restaurants of all cuisines and price-ranges, online. Yes, that’s right. No language difficulties, no searching for menus, no guessing which meal is best from each restaurant. The site includes the top 20 dishes being ordered at the moment, records your past orders, and allows you to purchase grocery store items (including beer) along with your order. Plus, you can order from as many restaurants as you want in a single order for a minimal fee.

Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Alex and I just ordered Indian (for me) and chicken wings and onion rings (for him). All I had to do was click on the various food items I wanted and a half hour later the guy shows up with our orders from two different restaurants.

Now, I have to ask: Is this a local phenomenon? Or do other cities have the same type of thing? Cause I think it’s going to be pre-requisite for the next place I move….


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Moving On Up

To the penthouse, baby!

Alex and I have finally moved into our fabulous new apartment in the absolute center of the city (if Bangkok actually had a center, this would be it). We love our new place and can’t believe that we didn’t move downtown earlier. Once we get home from work (usually 45 minutes – an hour on the school bus), we have the whole city at our fingertips. We can walk to some of our favorite places to shop, eat, and stroll, and we’re exactly 1 minute walk away from the nearest BTS station. I keep pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming!

Thankfully we decided to use Transpo (a total steal at around US$200) to move our stuff (instead of trying to cart all 155 boxes, plus beds, tables, and bookcases down here ourselves). They were fantastic, as usual, and has us packed out last Friday and moved in by Saturday evening. We spent the rest of the long weekend moving things around and starting to decorate just in time for our very first house guest, my wonderful edublogging friend from New Zealand, Chrissy.

I think it’s starting to look pretty good… Here’s a tour:

My favorite shot: The view of the LR from the second floor:

LR View

Back to the first floor, this is the LR from the dining room area, you can see the office behind the TV cabinet:

Living Room

Again from the LR, this one is looking up to the guest bedroom:

Looking Up

Our cute kitchen:

Kitchen 2

Upstairs we have the two bedrooms and a great walk-in closet in the master. Both bedrooms have full bath, and there’s a third bathroom downstairs for guests. We have a great walk-in pantry with washer, dryer and lots of shelving off the kitchen as well. The rest of the pictures are posted on Flickr, if you’re interested.

The floor to ceiling windows and loft-style open LR are just amazing – everything feels so open and light! We used to live in a beautiful place in CT when we first graduated from university, a renovated ribbon mill with super high ceilings and huge windows. It was my absolute favorite home until we moved in here.

Now I’m going to have a tough time dragging myself away to go on vacation!


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