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Gecko, Under

Among the interesting creatures that quietly co-habitate with us here in our condo in Bangkok (just like in Malaysia), is the flexible (and sticky) gecko.

Usually, at night, we can see them climbing up (the outside of) our glass patio doors. As they work their way across the doors, they bend and twist from head to tail, more flexible in their little, sticky toes than Alex and I combined. They’re pretty much unstoppable with their little, flexible bodies – even the comparably huge door jam (pictured above) is no obstacle for them!

Our flexible friends find their way into our apartment via the aircon ducts (we have one that lives inside one of our air conditioners), and I’m guessing some small gaps underneath the doors. They wriggle across our ceiling to go from one part of the house to another, and they love to spend time lounging on our kitchen counters, in the dark, while we’re asleep (which often leads to quite a surprise when we wake up in the morning).

Sadly, our intrepid flatmates have been somewhat decimated as of late, due to their lackadaisical attitude about shimmying away when we turn on the kitchen lights in the morning. About a month ago, Alex had a one-to-one encounter with our most audacious kitchen gecko. Let’s just say that slamming a gecko tail (accidentally, of course) with a cabinet door, results in one less gecko around the house.

Never fear, there are plenty more where that one came from….


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Last week one of our new friends here in Bangkok turned 30 and we celebrated in style at the highest open-air bar in Asia, Vertigo at the Banyan Tree. Talk about an amazing view! Check these out:

View from Above

Look at how tiny the city looks compared to the people on the observation deck! We were on the 61st floor of the building. You can take the elevator up 59 floors and then you walk up the final two yourself.

Bangkok by Night

This was one of those times when I really wished I had a tripod. Thankfully there was a nice little balcony railing for me to rest my camera on, but still not quite as good as a tripod…

I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the beautiful decor of the bar – it was almost like being at a wedding – beautiful white, silk table clothes (at least I think they were silk) and chair covers, fresh flowers and candles every where, and three levels of balconies – all entirely outside. Not only was the view spectacular, but the air was nice and fresh, with a great evening breeze.

Next time you’re in town, make sure you head over to Vertigo for an unforgettable evening – they won’t let you in unless you’re “appropriately dressed” though, so no open sandals for the ladies and no shorts for the men!

What’s your favorite spot for a spectacular view of your city?

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Sea View

Ah, the classic “sea view” photo. This is one of my all time favorites. It was taken during our trip to Boracay in the Philippines this past April. This was the view from our balcony. The trip, of course, was spectacular, and this picture really captures the essence of the island:

  • the classic palm trees blowing in the wind,
  • the classic outrigger canoe in the background,
  • the classic tourist lounging on a float,
  • the classic crystal clear water,
  • the classic thatched roof of our hotel in the corner,
  • the classic fluffy white clouds in the blue sky,

And there’s one other thing I wish you could see, but you can infer it from the color of the water,

  • the classic pure, soft white sand.

Now you know why Boracay is the classic travelers paradise! What’s your idea of a classic vacation?

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