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Photo Hunt: Sweet

One of my all time favorite holiday sweets is salt water taffy. It always brings back fond memories of driving up to Cape Cod with my family when I was a kid. So you can imagine my joy when, on our recent trip to the Oregon coast, we found a little candy shop in Florence that sells these tasty treats:


I bought a whole big bag of peppermint which is my all-time favorite salt water taffy flavor. Of course, I then proceeded to eat myself sick for the rest of the car ride. But that’s what a road trip is all about, right?

What’s your favorite sweet?


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Ocean ViewI finally did it! I bought a digital SLR! I’ve been pining over the Nikon D40 since it came out in December, and this weekend, I finally bought one.

Thanks to the advice of the wonderful Sijbrich, along with some other friends, I had settled on the D40 quite a while ago (but I will admit I was briefly tempted by the D80 simply because it’s a higher-end model). However, I didn’t want to get ahead of myself, given that I’ve only had a point and shoot camera for my entire life. This will be my first foray into the world of manual focus, ISO, shutter speed, apature and a whole dictionary of strange vocabulary I’m going to need to learn.

At this point, I’m still suck on trying to convince myself that I got a good deal since I bought it in Oregon, which has no sales tax, (but I’m obviously still going to relentlessly seek out the cheapest price I can find everywhere else I go and then berate myself for buying it when andOcean View where I did). Ah, the joys of the internet…

Anyway, back to the camera: I love it! I’ve been madly photographing everything I see for the last few days. Unfortunately we’ve been on vacation with Alex’s parents since I bought the camera so they’ve been subjected to my incessant stopping, framing and snapping. They’re quite patient, but I’m sure they’ll be at least somewhat relieved to see me get on the plane on Saturday. It’s not so fun to take a walk when one person wants to stop pretty much every step to take a picture of something.

Feel free to take a look at my photos on my Flickr page (I think I’ve become too lazy to continue to update the old website – at least for the time-being). We just spent three days on the Oregon coast, which was quite inspiring…

Any and all photography advice is, of course, welcome!

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Goodbye KL

Sadly, the time has finally come to say our official goodbye to KL

The movers came and packed our entire house just about a week ago. The house went from this:

to this:

Packed Away

to this:


in record speed thanks to the fabulous work of the Asian Tigers Transpo relocation team.

I wasn’t there for any of the packing because I was finishing a course across town, but thankfully Alex did an absolutely fantastic job, including cleaning the apartment to an entirely new level of spic and span never before seen in Malaysia.

So, when I finally got home from class on Friday evening, and saw just how empty and sad the apartment was without all our things, we decided to splurge and spend a few nights at the Westin KL. Talk about luxury! I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a Westin before, but those beds certainly are heavenly! Plus we had a great view of the Petronas Towers – the perfect way to end our stay in Malaysia!

City View by Night

For the next few weeks, we’ll be living out of our luggage, traveling both the West and East coasts of the United States and visiting family and friends all over the country.

Although I am excited about our new adventure in Bangkok, I am so sad to leave Malaysia. We’ve had such a great time living in KL, and I definitely feel like we’re leaving much too soon… I guess that just means we’ll have to come back for a visit next year!

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My first time in a revolving restaurant! On the top of the super-high Menara KL tower!

Menara KL

Last week we had a (very expensive) dinner at the Menara KL Tower restaurant with our wonderful friends Darby and David (who are moving to Taipei, Taiwan in a few weeks):

Darby and David

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting much. These kinds of things are usually tourist traps – totally overpriced with nothing to show for it, but this was pretty cool. The food may have left a little something to be desired (considering the absolutely outrageous price), but it was edible – and totally worth it for the amazing view!

We still haven’t been to the skybridge on the Petronas Towers, so I’m especially glad we had time to go up to the top of the Menara Tower. We could see the Twin Towers pretty clearly from waaaaay up there:

Petronas Towers

And, of course the rest of the city:

Downtown KL

It really makes you realize how beautiful KL is… And, of course, how much we’re going to miss it here…


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With only one week left, I’m trying to find the perfect Malaysian souvenir – for myself, of course! Something extra special that I would not normally buy, but also something that I could actually use, and proudly say “it’s from Malaysia!”

When we left Germany, my school gave me two beautiful Villeroy & Boch crystal decanters (which I picked out myself) so I want something that will look good with these beauties:

Basically, I’m imagining a perfect dining room with extravagant souvenirs from all around the world. I’m not sure when I’ll ever be able to afford the room (or even the table), but I think I can manage a few special pieces here and there.

So, I thought I had decided on this beautiful four-arm candelabra from Royal Selangor (an iconic Malaysian company):

but today I saw the two-arm version, and it’s quite nice as well:

And now I can’t decide! Which do you think is better?

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One of my favorite things about living in a tropical climate is never, ever having to wear “real” shoes. Just sandals and flip-flops will do. Here’s a cute pair I bought in Bali last October:

What kind of shoes do you like?

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Phew! I’m on a whirlwind of “last weeks in Malaysia” craziness! We are moving in less than two weeks and trying to make sure we fit it all in before we go. Over the next week and a half I need to:

  • Finish out the school year – grading, writing report card comments, clean out the classroom, organize everything for the new teacher.
  • Complete an entire grad level course for my Ed Leadership Certificate (the last course, woo hoo!)
  • Sort out what I need for both my summer vacation and the first few months in BKK before my shipment arrives, so I can take it all home to the US for the summer and then bring it back to Asia in August.
  • Pack up our home and make sure everything goes smoothly with the movers.
  • Attend a friend’s wedding in Malacca (a beautiful town about 2 hours – with no traffic – away from KL by car ).
  • And the worst part: say goodbye to all of my friends and to Malaysia. I’m not looking forward to that…

There is so much I will miss after living only two years in KL, but I’ve somehow fooled myself into thinking that Thailand will be similar (and close) enough that this will be easier than a long-haul move. But now that it’s coming down to the end, I’m mostly just feeling sad about leaving. I’m definitely putting off the actual good-bye’s until the last moment because I can’t even believe it’s really happening….

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