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I love to nap.


Yes, that’s right: I’m an adult and I love to nap.

I would nap every single day if I could. Well, I suppose there’s no reason for me not to – I don’t nap long – I do the 10 – 15 minute “cat nap” type. When I wake up from a 10 minute nap I actually feel like I slept the whole night. I think I even have short dreams. I definitely drool. And if I’m drooling then I’m really sleeping. What’s the deal with drool anyway? I never used to drool until we moved to Munich. Now it’s like I sleep to drool. Gross.

On the other hand, Alex usually does the 2 – 3 hour nap and wakes up even more tired than before.

What kind of napper are you?

Image: http://i8.ebayimg.com/05/i/06/3f/77/62_1.JPG


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Let me ask you a question:

If you happened (by accident) to buy a bar of sugarless dark chocolate (why?) and the warning label stated that “excessive consuption may have a laxative effect” – would you eat the whole bar?

Alex did. And that label was no empty threat.

I just want you all to know that this is not the first time that Alex has read a label warning of laxative properties. And then totally ignored it.

At least this time he made it to the toilet.

Image: http://www.bbc.co.uk/parenting/images/300/toilet_training.jpg

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Discovering the green

A few weeks ago a friend at school started a walking club. For yours truly, a.k.a. “Little Miss Lazy”, this has honestly become the best part of my week. I get to chat with friends, explore the greener side of KL, and <gasp> get some exercise.

So far we’ve been to:

Taman Tun park

the Lake Gardens

and the gardens behind Suria KLCC.

Can you see the awesome (free) swimming pool in the middle of the KLCC gardens? How cool is that?!

I had no idea KL had so many beautiful parks! It has been such a pleasure wandering around the more natural side of this bustling city. I only wish I had known about all these parks earlier!

Does anyone know of any other lovely parks in the greater KL area?

Image 1: http://asianimages.files.wordpress.com/2006/08/kiara1.jpg
Image 2: http://asianimages.files.wordpress.com/2006/09/garden1aa.jpg
Image 3: http://home.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/shoyaku/member/yamasaki/p3/KLCC.jpg

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Photo Hunt: Soft


I had a tough time thinking of an image for this weeks theme until I woke up this morning. I was lying in bed, rubbing my eyes, and I thought to myself: “wow, that moisturizer I’ve been using for the last few months has really been softening the skin under my eyes.” Ah ha! Inspiration strikes! To me, soft is that delicate skin around the eye. That wrinkle-prone, often darkly circled, area that I’ve been obsessing over for the last 8 months or so.

For those of you that are curious: I’ve been very satisfied with the Kinerase Under Eye Rescue I bought from Sephora in August. It was a bit pricey (US$75) but I’ve used it every day since then and I still have plenty left to finish out the school year here in Malaysia. I really do feel that my under-eye area is softer and smoother. The dark circles have gotten better, but they’re not entirely gone (when did they start appearing in the first place?!). As you may know, I am far too lazy to wear make-up, so at least this is improving the quality of my skin. I really should have taken a before picture so I could compare with the “finished product.” Oh well…

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An Inconvenient Truth

Have you seen this yet?

Preya’s post about warmer than normal weather in Hanoi this year reminded me that I haven’t written about this amazing film yet.

I will admit, I am very prone to attaching myself to causes – especially political issues – but this is so devestating, I honestly can’t believe the whole world isn’t panicking. Well, I’m pretty sure most of the developed world is panicking, except for the US…

Yes, I like Al Gore. I voted for him when he ran for President. But this goes far beyond liking someone. His presentation is so clear, rational, and powerful that it’s impossible to ignore.

Climate change is real. While we lived in Germany everyone was talking about the horrible summer floods in central Europe which devestated so many cities (and have now become an annual disaster). And then in 2003 (repeated again in 2006), the heat wave that killed thousands across Europe. Next came the tsunami here in S.E. Asia. And then the hurricane in New Orleans. How is it that the US is not paying attention yet?

I borrowed this DVD from a friend, but it’s going to be the first one I buy when I get home for the summer. If you haven’t seen it yet – go out and buy the DVD today. And then visit the site to see how you can make a difference. You can even calculate the impact you have on the environment. We only have the one planet, right? That’s got to be worth the $20 it’ll cost to buy the DVD.

Image: http://www.duncans.tv/images/an-inconvenient-truth.jpg

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I ♥ KL

Let me count the ways:

  1. Yet another 4 day weekend due to our lively mix of cultures.
  2. Discovering unexpected surprises around every corner – this time it was seeing our friend Robert perform at a new club called The Annex just behind the Central Market.robert.JPG
  3. The food, oh the food: this weekend we had Chinese, English Breakfast, sushi, Indian, Dim Sum, and Tex Mex.
  4. TV – so many new shows I never would have seen in Munich – Heros, Lost, Ugly Betty, The Office, Entourage. Who knew TV was this good again?
  5. Sun, sun, sun, and the occasional raindrop. We had a lazy rainy Saturday (the perfect time to watch the first half of Lost, Season 3 on DVD) – always a nice change of pace from the never ending blue skies.
  6. Fantastic massages for a reasonable price at a beautiful spa within walking distance of my house.
  7. The availability of almost any English language book I could ever want.
  8. Green trees, gentle slopes, placid lakes and smoothly paved walking paths in and around the many parks we are discovering as part of the walking club.
  9. The astounding lack of dubbed movies. What a pleasant change of pace from Germany. There is always a little something lost in the dubbing, thankfully this is not a problem here in KL.
  10. Exotic fruits, vegetables and spices. So many things that would have required an extended journey to the specialty store back in Munich or the US. Cilantro, passion fruit, kaffir lime leaves, fresh mango chutney, fresh tumeric, dragon fruit, lemon grass, and every single kind of chili/pineapple/mango/onion/ginger you can imagine.

Why do you love where you live?

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For those of you that aren’t using Firefox yet (and what is taking you so long?), this should help you make the switch: Firefox Add-ons.

Yesterday I was playing around, and here’s what I added:

Stumble Upon!

Warning: you will become addicted. Who knew there was this much interesting stuff online?


If you aren’t using social bookmarking yet, maybe you should read this. And if you’re curious, here are my bookmarks. I’m satisfied with del.icio.us, but I also installed:


I haven’t really tested this one out yet, but a colleague over in Korea made this handy little video to show us all how wonderful it is. Give me time and I’ll have an opinion too.


My new favorite way to make friends (and get a job). So far I have 4. Why don’t you all get LinkedIn and we can all be gainfully employed friends together?


How was I functioning productively before this?

And my personal favorite, Wizz RSS

You know I love RSS (thanks, Teacher Annonymous, for reminding me how important RSS is) and now I can have it seamlessly integrated into my browsing experience. And, the best part is, since I keep trying to pretend that I have a personal life separate from my professional life, I have 2 google reader accounts – one for work, one for fun. Now that I have Wizz RSS, I can view both accounts in one window instead of having to constantly log in, out, and in again as my other self. Oh the convenience…

Of course as I was going back to get all these links for you I saw about 15 other add-ons I’m going to download as soon as I’m done here. Talk about productivity and the benefits of open source software…

Image 1: http://images.neuch.ch/img/neuch/homepage/soutenir/firefox-logo.gif
Image 2: http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/2775/wizzrssnewsreader10tl.jpg

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